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Ghosts are real.

Simon was afraid of ghosts, even though they had never done anything to him. His best friend, Daphne, was the kind of person who was never afraid.

One night, Simon called Daphne and told her that there was a ghost in his apartment. It only took fifteen minutes for Daphne to come over and join him. She was excited, really. She wanted to see the ghost.

When she entered the apartment, Simon was sitting alone on his bed with his eyes closed and the only other thing there was Daphne. She encouraged him to open his eyes and he decided not to.

"I’m here," she said. "Open your eyes and see me."

Simon clenched his lids.

"Dont you want to see me?"

"I want to see you but what if I also see something that scares me?"

"It’ll be fine," said Daphne, "because I’ll be here."

Daphne stared at Simon’s face. She had known this face so well and loved the man behind it so thoroughly, but his fear had sucked the beauty from his skin, had turned his silky soul to a tattered rag.

She knew if he opened his eyes he would only see her, but she realized at that moment that she would no longer see him, she would just see his shell, a visage, a translucent picture of what he had once been.

Scared of what she would see, she left.

Terrified by the quiet, Simon finally opened his eyes. He did not see a ghost, but he also did not see Daphne. She was gone.

His fear of the unknown had destroyed all that was real.

And he sat on his bed and prayed for a ghost, but there was no ghost to be found. He was utterly alone.

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