All the Hate Mail!

- an elan gale nightmare - a blog - a disease - a problem - a dog without a home


Ethan woke up and made enough coffee for two, as usual.

His bare feet against the wood floors, the steps he thought would wake her did not.

He sat and warmed his hands on his ceramic mug. He rubbed his feet against each other and waited for her to feel the lack of his presence in bed.

Soon, his coffee was gone and hers was cold. 

She never woke up and she never came out of the bedroom and she never said good morning and she never said I love you again. She simply wasn’t there.

The skies turned from blue to orange and then to grey, reflecting the moonlight.

He closed his eyes and waited for morning and then he walked to the kitchen, and again, made enough coffee for two.

And so on and so on and so on until there was no more coffee

And then he bought more

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