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Screenplay Ideas

Here are some free screenplay ideas. I have a cold and will probably die from sneezing so you can use these if you want.

1. Dinosaur Love - In the year 2104, dinosaurs have been brought back, shrunk to pet-size, and have learned to speak English relatively well (they sound a little bit like maybe they’re from Italy but its hard to be sure.) Krumholt, a well-mannered language teacher at an all-dinosaur high school falls in love with one of his student’s mother. The catch? She’s a pterodactyl. Will he be able to teach her about love or will she literally fly away?

2. Dino Might - Exactly the same as Dinosaur Love but instead of a teacher falling in love with a pterodactyl, all the dinosaurs parents crash a DPTA (Dinosaur Parent Teacher Association) meeting and hold the teachers hostage and demand a better arts program.

3. Untitled Paul Rudd Project - It’s a movie with Paul Rudd. Basically it writes itself.

4. Texas Chainsaw Extreme Home Makeover - Leatherface turns good after seeing a couple of documentaries about the inner city and uses his chainsaw to build new sheds for a group of terrified teens.

5. Love Thy Neighbor - In a small Pennsylvania town, the local hermit casts a spell over all the inhabitants, causing them to fall in love with each other. Naturally, jealousy takes over and everyone dies in a tragic riot.

Okay, actually these are all pretty good. Please don’t steal my ideas

  1. keplyq said: I call the role of Hermit when you make #5.
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